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Wood Waste Pallet Crushers & Shredders


The no-nonsense, cost-effective solution to disposing of waste wooden pallets.

Don’t pay to have waste pallets taken away
Get a Pallet Crusher, and save money each day

Wood Waste Technology’s Pallet Crusher provides an efficient solution for companies that need to quickly and cost-effectively dispose of waste wooden pallets.

Working in conjunction with a standard-size shredder, the pallet crusher offers a reasonably priced solution for companies who can’t afford to invest in a shredder large enough to take full pallets.
The standalone pallet crusher has been specifically designed and engineered to break up wooden pallets. It can be situated next to a standard size shredder, allowing pallets to be loaded into the pallet crusher either manually or via a forklift, where they will then be pre-shredded into more manageable size pieces before dropping into the shredding machine to be cut down further.

If you currently:
  1. Pay to have your waste wooden pallets taken away
  2. Waste time manually breaking-up waste pallets to scrap or burn
  3. Own a standard size shredder that can’t cope with pallets
...then we might have a more cost-effective solution for you.

Alternatively it can be used to break pallets up in to manageable size pieces to be fed into a wood waste heater or boiler, drastically reducing man hours cutting up pallets whilst also allowing a business to benefit from lower waste disposal costs and free biomass heating from burning the waste instead of putting it in skips.

  • SAVES MONEY disposing of waste wooden pallets
  • SAVES TIME wasted on manually breaking-up wooden pallets to scrap or burn
  • Helps a standard size shredder manage pallets, by pre-shredding the wood into more manageable pieces for the shredder to process
  • Helps reduce manual handling, as pallets can be loaded into the Pallet Crusher with a forklift truck
  • SAVES MONEY on purchasing or upgrading to a larger shredder.

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The pallet-crushing add-on will work with most makes and models of shredders, so provides a reasonably priced alternative for companies, saving further investment in purchasing or upgrading to a larger shredder that can cope with pallets.

Wood Waste Technology is renowned for being at the forefront of innovation, due to its continual investment in research and development. The company has a reputation for developing innovative new products and making ground-breaking developments that give maximum product lifespan at minimum cost to the user, opening up markets to allow smaller companies, as well as larger corporations, to benefit from its technological creations.  

As well as the Pallet Crusher, Wood Waste Technology manufactures a full range of wood waste heaters and boilers, offering site survey and design as well as manufacture, installation and on-going maintenance. In addition, Wood Waste Technology is the UK’s official distributor for Gross Apparatebau GmbH, a German manufacturer of dependable, precision engineered shredders and briquetters.  The company is also a distributor for Putzmaus boiler tube cleaning systems - a powerful but gentle routine maintenance solution that is quick and easy to use, and helps to increase boiler efficiency and lower operating costs.

“This product has saved me between £10,000 - £20,000 by purchasing a Pallet Crusher and a standard size shredder instead of shredder large enough to take full pallets.” 
Mark Petrie -Kirriemuir Briquette Company
As with all Wood Waste Technology’s products, the Pallet Crusher has been designed, created and assembled in the UK, using only quality parts and experienced labour to maintain the high quality and exceptional reliability that Wood Waste Technology’s reputation has been built upon.

So why pay to have your waste wood removed when you can burn it cleanly and efficiently all year round and have your heating for FREE when required.

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