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Horizontal Shredders

GHZ T, L, B – The Long Wood Shredder

A horizontal shredder is perfect for longer lengths of wood. The wood is fed into the machine horizontally and the compact design means that the shredder can be fed directly from wood processing machines such as strip or plate saws.


Ideal for timber mills and wood processing plants our horizontal shredders take long wood waste which is fed directly into the machine horizontally rather than vertically.


The GHZ T, L, B range has many built in operating features which make processing your long wood waste simple, economic and safe. Its compact size means it can be used directly alongside your wood processing machines so that it effectively automates the recycling element of your manufacturing process.

How it works

The long pieces of timber waste are fed to the rotor horizontally through a hopper, roller feed, or vibrating channel feeder. The input process works according to the weight of the material so that if the rotors require too much electricity during the shredding process, the operation is automatically switched off until the full shredding process of the material has been completed. This process repeats itself constantly until all parts are shredded. The wood waste is converted to chippings or shavings to your specifications.

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