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Single Shaft Shredders

GAZ single-shaft shredder

Shredding technology for professionals

The GAZ 102 – GAZ 252 series was designed for shredding of large material quantities. The single-shaft shredders are suitable for shredding all types of woods, and hard and tough plastics.

The high-performance motors from 1 x 22 kW to 2 x 90 kW with turbo coupling provide for high throughput.


Two-step shredding single-shaft shredder
GAZ 252 Herkules I, combined with GNZ mill

GAZ 122 on mount with extraction

GAZ 202 for pallet shredding

GAZ 102 in pit

GAZ 102 set up below ground,
with hopper expansion

Waste from furniture manufacturing

Hardwood waste

Mixed waste

Broken-down pallets


and hydro coupling


Profile rotor with welded
knife carriers


Square knife and
concave ground knife

Switching cabinet /
SPS control

Material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated drawer, which pushes the material load-controlled onto the turning rotor. The fed materials are shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counterknife bar. The drawer has stripping bars that prevent material from entering between the drawer and machine housing.

Material can be removed with a spiral conveyor, suction device, or a conveyor belt or chain conveyor.
Once the material is shredded, the machine will automatically shut off.

Technical Data

Further technical information in the brochure
Single-shaft schredder GAZ 102 - 252 brochure download

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