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Single Shaft Shredders

Series GAZ 82, GAZ 82 S

The flexible and powerful grinders for universal deployment

The slow turning single shaft grinders GAZ 82 and GAZ 82 S are specially built to meet the demands of the woodworking industry. It can shred all types of wood waste such as chippings, pallets, particle board etc. The basic models are equipped to customer specific requirements (throughput capacities, hopper and rotor design etc.).

GAZ 82 S special construction with swivelling screen basket
GAZ 82 deployed in furniture manufacture

GAZ 82 with customer specific hopper (sound proofed, double skinned)

Waste from furniture manufacturing

Hardwood waste

Mixed waste

Broken-down pallets


GAZ 82 with a rotor diameter of 252 mm
giving it an extremely high intake force.

GAZ 82 S with a large rotor diameter of 368 mm.
This allows for a high throughput capacity.

Profile rotor with a diameter
of 368 mm and concave knives

Profile rotor with a diameter of
252 mm and flat knives

A clean cut even with
solid wood

Shredded wood waste

Motor and fluid coupling


Sieve basket

Control cabinet / PLC controller



Material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated pusher which pushes the material under load-dependant control onto the revolving rotor.

The material is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counterknife. The pusher is fitted with wiper strips which prevent material from entering between the drawer and machine housing. The perforated sieve with varying hole diameters determines the size of the chippings or
shavings. The shavings produced can be removed from the machine by means of a suction device or a screw conveyor. As soon as the material in the hopper has been completely shredded, the machine switches off automatically.

Technical Data

  GAZ 82 GAZ 82 S
Feed opening (mm): 800 x 1.000 800 x 1.200
Hopper capacity (m³): 0,9 1,0
Throughput: Material and screen dependent
Rotor diameter (mm): 252 368
Rotorlength (mm): 800 800
Rotor speed (rpm): 60 - 100 60 - 100
Power required (kW): 15 / 18,5 / 22* 18,5 / 22* /
30 / 37
Tools: 21 knives 23/42 knives
Screen perforation: 10 - 40 mm 10 - 40 mm
Suction piece-Ø : 200 mm 200 mm
Air speed (m/sec.): 28 28
Weight (approx. kg): 1.500 2.000

*hydro start coupling possible from 22 kW.
PLC controller for fully automatic operation is available if required, special designs on request.
Demonstrations and trials with your material may be coordinated with our technical staff.

Further technical information in the brochure
Single-shaft shredder GAZ 82 brochure download.

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